Thursday, December 22, 2016



It's not too late to sign up to "plunge" or make a donation!

Toys for Local Children:

For the past month, every day after school and on some weekends, SHS students have been volunteering with TLC (Toys for Local Children) in an effort to help bring joy to a child's holiday.  They have come faithfully to shop for toys or select the perfect item from the thousands that are donated.  They wrap, organize and ultimately get the opportunity to deliver some of these cherished items.  This Wednesday they witnessed the thrill on childrens' faces when they traveled to the Greg House in Lynn to be "Santa" for a day. They knew instantly that their afternoons of wrapping had been worth the effort!  But these students, as admirable as they are, simply reflect the spirit of the community of Swampscott.  TLC is fortunate to have support from the recreation department, the police department, churches, dance studios, local gyms, former students and more.  Certainly, a huge part of that support is our own school community --we have to thank all of you for your continued support- purchasing greenery, "adopting" a family, donating toys/gift cards, organizing fundraisers, and more.  A special thanks to the school staff who work directly with us to make sure all the local families are supported - all the school nurses and secretaries who organize so much and Lytania Mackey Knowles and crew for making sure that the "not so little" students are not forgotten.  We are very proud of what TLC is able to do for our community during the holiday season but without our colleagues' support it couldn't happen.  Happy Holidays to all of you.   

Abby Rogers and Cathy Kalpin, TLC coordinators

METCO PCO Newsletter:

Lots happening with Swampscott METCO PCO

The Superintendent's Office will be closed from
Monday, December 26th, 2016, thru Monday, January 2nd, 2017.  

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!

Monday, December 19, 2016

More December Updates

Mindful Mondays: 

Swampscott High School mindfulness gurus, Mr. Peter Franklin and Mr. Craig Harris have unveiled new and improved Mindfulness in the Classroom videos. These are being shared with teachers as options for use with their students in their classrooms.

Their most recent offering was "Pocket Goodness." Check our their video right here:

Coming in January...

Anxiety Workshop for Parents & Teachers - Author Lynn Lyons

Swampscott High School Open House:

SYC Polar Plunge:

How are you going to begin the New Year? How about diving in at Fisherman's Beach in the 11th Annual Polar Plunge!

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and 
happy holiday season!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

December Updates

Students Making a Difference:  

High School senior, Elana Zabar, and Mrs. Wilbur (HS STEM Consulting Teacher) and teacher of the Green Scholars, met with representatives from our food service management company Chartwells to discuss reducing the use of styrofoam products in our school cafeterias. As a result, changes are coming soon. Way to go, Elana!

New Twitter Accounts:

Clarke School and Middle School Library are now on Twitter!  Follow the Clarke Sharks @clarkesharks and the library @swampMSLib for all the latest news!

SYC Polar Plunge:

How are you going to begin the New Year? How about diving in at Fisherman's Beach in the 11th Annual Polar Plunge!