Monday, July 23, 2018

Superintendent's Report 7.18.18

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Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee
July 18, 2018

Recognition of Retiring Staff

Tony Geraci

Tony has been with the Swampscott Public Schools since 2007. He joined our team when Campus Security Monitors were hired for Swampscott High School. Tony was much more than just a monitor he was a role model every minute of every day for our students. He was fair, consistent, and kind but could also be tough on our students when needed. He was part of the fabric that is SHS and his enthusiasm and positivity will be missed.

Michele Schultz

Michele has worked as an administrative assistant for the Swampscott Public Schools for the last 28 years. She has worked in Central Office, the Middle School, and most recently Swampscott High School. Michele has worked tirelessly in each of these roles and is the consummate professional. Her dedication and caring for the students and staff will be sorely missed. Her official retire date will be September 17th and I look forward to beginning another school year together. We wish her a happy and healthy retirement.

Director of Human Resources Update
On Monday, July 16th, we welcomed Mrs. Julie DeLillo as she officially began her new position as joint Director of Human Resources for general government and school department. The Town Administrator and I are very excited by the experience and talent she brings to this position and look forward to having someone to guide us through future human resource challenges. MOU to be signed by Superintendent and SC.

Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA)
My office received numerous resumes from members of the community who are interested in being part of the School Building Committee. We have to submit our School Building Committee team to the MSBA by July 31st, so we are right on schedule.

M.A.S.S. Executive Institute
Last week I attended the Annual Summer Executive Institute for Superintendents in Mashpee. As usual, it did not disappoint. Keynote speakers included the new Commissioner of Education, Jeff Riley, Dan Heath most recent co-author of Decisive a book about how to make better choices , and Scott McLeod author of Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning (A Quick Guide to Educational Technology Integration and Digital Learning Spaces)

Along with the numerous break out sessions, there were meetings and events with our colleagues from across the state and the networking and collaboration with area superintendents is invaluable.