Monday, July 1, 2019

Superintendent's Report to SC 6.26.19

Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee
June 26, 2019

End of Year Celebrations
  • SHS Graduation
  • Middle School Moving On
  • Elementary Moving On ceremonies
Other Personnel Changes
  • We have hired the Clarke School Principal who will begin on July 1st as well.
  • Mrs. Hunt will graciously spend some time transitioning with the new principal.
  • Director of Teaching and Learning, Jean Bacon’s office will be moving to the High School along with Donna McHugh her administrative assistant.
  • Ms. Martha Raymond has been named Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
Summer Facilities Projects
  • District Crisis Team - Safety and Security
    • Install and repair common area speakers at the elementary schools
    • Swipe cards at the elementary schools
    • Security window film in various places at various schools
    • Continue to install windows in principal and counselor interior doors
    • Security camera work (replacement and repairs) continues at the middle and high schools
  • Boiler Replacement RFQ 
  • Various painting projects
  • Various classroom moves
  • Office build at Stanley
  • Phase 3 of High School Gym Sprinklers
  • Gym duct cleaning and duct connector replacement at SMS
  • Cogenerator Elbow and Glycol replacement at HS
June 7th - Statehouse Recognition
On June 7th we were recognized at a ceremony with Commissioner Riley for our National Blue Ribbon Award.

Curriculum Update
  • Summer Curriculum Work
    • 11 proposals spanning grades K-12 were submitted for approval
    • 9 have been approved, waiting on two to respond to questions
    • Work includes MS and HS social studies with new standards, developing modules for mandatory health training, SEI, Growth Mindset, Swift/Harbor
  • Pilots and Text Reviews 
    • K-5 Math In Focus Pilot
    • Spanish Texts - 7-12 - One class set and online - 6 years
    • Grade 3 Social Studies texts - Massachusetts Our Home
    • Grade 4 Social Studies texts - Regions of Our Country
    • K-4 Science and Math online digital subscriptions - 1-year extensions

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