Thursday, December 12, 2019

Superintendent's Report to SC 12.11.19

Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee
December 11, 2019

MASC/MASS Joint Conference
  • Ms. Wright, Ms. Mackey and I attended
  • Presented: Friday 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
  • Leveraging Technology for Data Collection, Collaboration, and Effective Meetings - Gone are the days when schools and school committee members need to have packets of paper in front of them to lead meetings. In this session, we will show attendees how to move to paperless meetings and paperless data collection using Google. Attendees will learn how to generate agendas, using Chromebooks and shared folders, using Google to solicit feedback and generate data and examples of how this can save hours of time and streamline the process.
  • Attended lots of great sessions including Harnessing the Power of Google Data Studio: Creating Free Dashboards to Visualize Education Data Laura Tilton, Director-District Data, and Accountability, Marshfield.
Leadership Training - Google Data Studio
Professional Development at District Attorney’s Office
FY21 Budget Work
  • Analyzed special education programming and staffing
  • Meetings with each principal to review FTEs
  • Analyzed current English Learners and potential associated staffing needs
  • More meetings to come with district-level administrators
  • Leadership Team
School Building Committee

  • Ms. Wright will give a full subcommittee update
  • Designer Selection Shortlist - at MSBA
  • Designer Selection Interviews - at MSBA
  • January two Idea Exchange dates
  • Kickoff meeting with Design Team earlier this afternoon

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