Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Superintendent's Report to SC 5.26.21

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Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee

May 26, 2021

May 21st Vaccination Clinic:

  • A huge thank you to our Occupational Health Nurse, Amanda Mulcahy, for her efforts in coordinating this event.

  • Another “Thank You” to our school nurses for being there to assist our students and families.

  • A final shout-out and thank you to our volunteers including Suzanne Wright and Amy OConnor as well as Select Board Chair, Peter Spellios.

  • 246 individuals were vaccinated!

  • Second clinic being held on June 11th.

Director of Human Resources:

  • We have formed an interview committee and will begin first-round interviews of candidates next Wednesday, June 2nd. 

  • Ms. Sybert is currently conducting phone screens for each candidate. 

  • The interview committee members include Our Director of Finance, Ms. Sybert, Town Director of Finance, Ms. Sarro, our Occupational Health Nurse, Mrs. Mulcahy, and myself.

  • The final round of interviews will include Town Administrator, Sean Fitzgerald. 

Addressing Learning Loss:

  • On Monday, May 24th, DESE posted the FY22 Summer Acceleration Academy Grant. This grant targets an Academy Week, in late August to target learning loss. 

  • We are offering a 6-week, 4-hour/day Summer Program to Address Learning Loss from July 5th until August 13, 2021.  It will serve students entering grades 1 through 12. We are in the process of inviting students who our data suggests would benefit from summer learning to be able to enter the next grade level fully prepared. If we do not fill all the available seats (about 200), we will open the program to all families seeking summer enrichment opportunities for their students. 

  • The program is project-based, which will provide students the opportunity to learn through high-interest projects while receiving small bursts of just-in-time academic instruction in reading, writing, and math that they will need to complete their projects.

  • High school students will be able to recover missing credits or earn an additional semester’s worth of credit towards graduation.

  • The program is free to all SPS families.

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