Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Superintedent's Report to SC 4.2.20

Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee
April 2, 2020

COVID-19 Update

  • Weekly meetings with Union Leadership and great collaboration and ongoing conversations
  • Faculty meetings, curriculum meetings, Leadership Team Meetings, Central Office Meetings, Grade level meetings, etc.

Technology Update
  • Since the initial deployment of devices to families, the technology department has distributed approximately 350 additional devices to our families.
  • In addition, the technology department is working countless hours to create, prepare, and provide training opportunities for our faculty and staff. 
  • Platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet were offered this week with approximately 275 participants in total for the week.
  • Next week trainings - Screencastify, Zoom 2.o, FlipGrid, Google Classroom, Websites, and general google (sharing, links, etc)

Elementary Report Cards
  • Being mailed Monday

Special Education Update - Martha Raymond
  • Attending DESE Meetings
  • Meetings with every single special education staff member
  • We do have to provide FAPE, good faith effort 
  • Have to send out an N1 - notification that child’s services are not being provided
  • Have to begin virtual team meetings. Only annual reviews, no new evaluations, can’t test

Vendors, Payroll, and Budget Impact - Martha Sybert

Good Friday and April Vacation
The Commissioner has received numerous requests from superintendents to allow districts the option of using the 4 days of April vacation week as part of their school calendar this year. ...continuity of homeschooling would be important given the current circumstances, families at home, and the interruption of learning.

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