Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Superintendent's Report to SC 5.27.20

Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee
May 27, 2020

New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
  • In February, I reported to the School Committee about NEASC’s Collaborative Conference Visit to Swampscott High School
  • Last week, Mr. Kohut, Ms. Cooper, and I received a letter informing us that at the April 16th meeting of the Commission on Public and Secondary Schools voted to award our high school continued accreditation
  • Four of the six Foundational Elements in the Standards have been met
  • Priority Areas for Growth
  • The next step will be the development, submission, and implementation of the School Improvement/Growth Plan that needs to be submitted by July 15, 2020
  • After that, the school is scheduled to host the Decennial Accreditation visit on November 14th - November 17th, 2021. The focus is to make sure the school has implemented the Priority Areas for Growth as included in the School Improvement/Growth Plan.
  • Rotary reached out and asked how they could support the schools during these unprecedented times
  • Ms. Mackey-Knowles attended a meeting on behalf of the district and explained our need for additional Chromebooks as we move forward with our plan to go 1:1
  • At last Wednesday’s Rotary meeting, my fellow Rotarians voted to sponsor two Chromebook carts with a total donation in the amount of $12,000
  • I am overwhelmed by their support and generosity
Director of Facilities:
  • I’m pleased to report that Mr. Max Kasper has been appointed as the new Director of Facilities for both the school department and general government
  • Max has the skills and relationships necessary to make this position work
  • Support him with resources and personnel

Transitions, Celebrations, and High School Graduation:
  • Elementary Principals are working with their teachers to come up with an appropriate celebration for 4th grade
  • Mr. Calichman sent a message that the 8th grade celebration will occur when we are given the word by health agencies and the state that it is appropriate. 
  • High School Graduation is very different
  • Just prior to our meeting with representative parents of the Class of 2020 meeting last Thursday, Commissioner Riley came out with a memo providing guidance around HS graduation celebrations. That guidance allowed for parades to be part of the celebrations.
  • The guidance also stated that if graduations are held after July 18th, they could be held in person with very detailed and outlined restrictions 
  • The parent presentation gave us a lot to consider but two points were clear
  • Our seniors want to celebrate in some way TOGETHER
  • Our seniors would like their walk the stage moment to celebrate their 13 years of hard work
  • Mr. Kohut and his team worked on their draft plan and he’s here to present the final graduation plan this evening

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