Thursday, December 10, 2020

Superintendent's Report to SC 11.18.20

 Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee

November 18, 2020

  • Parent/Guardian/ Caregiver Technology Training

    • Biweekly technology training will begin for parents, guardians, and caregivers on Wednesday, December 2nd beginning at 6:30 pm via Zoom. 

    • Zoom links will be posted on the District Calendar:

    • Evenings alternate in order to provide more opportunities for families.

    • Topics to date include:

      • Wednesday, December 2 - Managing Google Calendar

      • Monday, December 14 - Tips & Challenges of Remote Learning

      • Thursday, December 17th -  Google Classroom - The Guardian View

  • Winter Sports

    • Something we will need to consider moving forward.  

    • Ask Ms. Wolff to bring forward to the Committee the modifications for each sport. 

    • Health and facilities considerations 

  • Thanksgiving Travel Plans Form

    • The recommendation is NOT to travel 

    • Must follow the state travel guidance: MA Travel Order

    • Students who are traveling will need to plan to work remotely on Monday, November 30th, because they will need to provide proof of a negative PCR test and be cleared by the school nurse on Monday.  Therefore, their earliest return date would be Tuesday.

    • The form is being emailed to families tomorrow. 

    • We are asking for honesty and transparency to keep everyone safe and our schools open.

  • Fully In-Person Learning Plan

    • MASS Statement (if feasible)

    • This School Committee voted to follow the CDC 

      • Guidance of 6 ft. social distancing

      • Change in guidance of a close contact being 15 minutes CUMULATIVE in a 24-hour period (DESE not acknowledging)

    • Our elementary schools are older, which means the square footage in the classrooms is less than today’s standards, which limits our capacity to be fully in-person all the time.

  • Hybrid Model Update

    • I have mentioned moving to the 3:2 model following Thanksgiving

    • We are staying the course for now

    • Over the next 6 weeks, we only have 23 school days

    • January is when our mid-year assessments are given and if changes are going to be made to our model, it really needs to occur with the data behind it.

    • Will we see growth with the instruction we are delivering currently because 4 hours of in-person learning is intense compared to “normal times.”

    • What can we do until that time?

      • Look at capacity in each classroom (Cohorts A and B) and bring in high needs kids on more days to give more in-person instruction.

      • More in-person time for the students that are really struggling with remote learning and identify students that are not meeting academic progress 

      • Work toward extending the school day for high needs students into the afternoon (K-8) on Cohort A and B days

      • Add interventions/tutoring/guidance check-ins for mental health

      • Look at data in January - are we closing the gaps for most kids?

  1. If yes, continue with the hybrid model

  2. In no, radical reorganization to prioritize in-person learning for highest-needs students, and split staffing to support in-person or remote students.

  • Facilities Update - Director of Facilities, Max Kasper

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