Thursday, December 10, 2020

Superintendent's Report to SC 11.4.20

 Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee

November 4, 2020

  • November 3rd Professional Development

    • Technology offerings included:

      • Google Drawing

      • Goog;e Forms

      • Google Slides

      • Google Arts & Culture

      • Seesaw

      • EdPuzzle

    • ESPs and Tutors

      • Zoom and Google Calendar

      • Google Classroom

  • Commissioner Call - 11/2/20

    • Last week, I reported the Commissioner was concerned about the amount of asynchronous learning across the state for those of us in the 2:1:2 hybrid model.

    • As a result, extensive data collection by this Friday on structured learning time.  

    • Seriously, considering moving ahead of DESE and into the 3:2 model beginning the week after Thanksgiving, Monday the 30th.

    • Critical that families and students continue to adhere to the safety guidance during the long holiday weekend and gatherings.  

    • We have seen how far-reaching one positive case can be.

  • COVID-19 Case and Information

    • We had our first positive case and the impact reached far and wide.

    • All the appropriate legal and medical steps were taken at the appropriate time and in the appropriate order.

    • The district cannot control what information individuals share with the community, only what we share and we have to be very careful.

    • I understand the fear that is out there with “not knowing” all the information and this is a struggle for some people.

    • We are bound by law and state guidance (in collaboration with DPH) with the protocols, quarantining, timeline, and communications.  The school district did not make up these rules.

    • When DPH reaches out to families about being a “close contact” and the quarantine expectations, I would hope families would be kinder than I am hearing some are being when are health professionals are just doing their job

    • Finally, a reminder to EVERYONE, that if EVERYONE; students, teachers, tutors, ESPs, coaches, custodians, administrative assistants, principals, directors, EVERYONE, is following our 6ft. social distancing and mask-wearing protocols, then that REDUCES the likelihood of the number of identifiable “CLOSE CONTACTS.”

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