Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee February 3, 2021


Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee 

Feb 3, 2021

Teaching and Learning Update 

Mrs. Bowler - Middle School Chorus Teacher 

6th and 8th grade going to learn how to arrange a song for their choruses

Mrs. Bowler has connected with two composers who are going to meet with students

via Zoom and answer their questions about this process. 

Roger Emerson (composer/arranger) has over 900 choral titles will be speaking

    with the 6th graders 

He’s won awards and written for all kinds of events 

If you’ve ever sung in a chorus from about 1970 until today,

you have most likely sung something written or arranged by Roger. 

Dr. Braeden Ayres a young composer who will be speaking with our 8th-grade


Students sang one of his arrangements at the winter concert last year and

fell in love with the piece. 

He's based in Colorado and he has a great talent for writing for kids

in this age bracket. He's super excited to talk to them and share his expertise. 

Mid-Year Assessment Data 

Mid-year assessments at all levels will be wrapping up by the end of the month.

The Phase V Committee has reconvened and has begun to look at the data

we have to date, discuss how we define growth and improvement, and what the next

steps might look like. 

Dr. Bacon will be meeting with all parents interested in being part of this process

and share their ideas. 

We look forward to a presentation to the committee at the February 24th meeting.

Kohut’s Corner 

Try to produce monthly 

This edition really highlights our students

Not in person via Zoom - well done!

Kohut's Corner - January 14th 

COVID Distancing Survey - (84 responses)

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