Thursday, March 11, 2021

Superintendent's Report to SC 3.10.21

 Superintendent’s Report to the School Committee

March 10, 2021

Thank yous:

  • Thank you to the parent group who organized to help make vaccination appointments for our faculty and staff.

  • Thank you to the 24 parents and community members who have already signed up to volunteer where needed as we roll out more in-person learning opportunities.

Ventilation Report and Update: Director of Facilities, Mr. Kasper

BinaxNOW Point of Contact (POC) Testing: 

Occupational Health Nurse, Mrs. Mulcahy



  • Having them installed the week of March 29th. 

  • This spring installation will include the sides of the tents for use in inclement weather. We have health guidance for the use of these sides. 


  • Portable seating for indoor and outdoor use (elementary and middle school)

  • Additional desks - for those classrooms previously using tables.

  • Individual desk shields for all elementary students

  • Picnic Tables for each school

Classroom Set-Up: 

  • Custodians have already been setting up classrooms with desks from the storage containers.

  • Teachers will be taking inventory of all the extraneous furniture in their classrooms that might be stored in the containers for more space in their classrooms.

Staff with Medical Accommodations:

  • We will not be flipping a switch, and suddenly all teachers with medical accommodations will be back in their classrooms on a random date.

  • It will be a rolling return, whereby once these faculty and staff members are fully vaccinated (two weeks after their second shot), they will be returning to their classrooms.  We are currently looking at a timeline for each of these individuals.

Return Dates from the Commissioner:

  • April 5th - K-5 (unless your middle school has a 5-8), then you can apply for a waiver.

  • April 28th - Middle School

  • TBD - High School


  • This is an overview and outline of the district-wide plan.

  • Further details and communications will come from your building principal.

  • This approach is purposeful and cautious. 

MARCH 22nd

  • BY NO LATER THAN 3/22, all special education students at elementary schools back to original classrooms (out of large spaces, like cafeteria & library

  • Continue preparing spaces across the district to go from 6ft to 3ft in all classrooms; moving furniture while waiting on purple classrooms’ report.

  • SHS Remote ½ day Wednesday will go full day remote Wednesday, and the SHS schedule reverts to five days rather than a two-day schedule.

MARCH 29th - Current Hybrid Students Only

  • Preschool 8:30 am-2:00 pm and bringing in more students. 

  • K & 1: 8:00 am -12:15 pm and teachers available to Zoom with remote students at 1:15 pm

  • Middle School (all grades 5-8) 8:00 am - 12:30 am current hybrid students for five days.

  • High School (all grades 9-12) full-day five days current hybrid students. No lunch service inside - kids go out for lunch just as on the hybrid days now. 


  • Kindergarten-Grade 4 - five full-days with lunch

  • Food services were looking at one choice and boxed or bagged lunches only.

APRIL 12th

  • The goal is to have all students 5-8 in five full-days with lunches

    • Contingent on more information on large spaces and purple room report



    • It’s important to note that the state is mandating we get students back to in-person learning.

    • Families that choose to remain remote for the rest of the year may do so, but time on learning is not a factor for this group of students.

    • The focus will shift to the in-person students as directed by the state.

    • Currently, 5-8 & 9-12 will continue to live Zoom (stream) from their classrooms.

    • Elementary Grades 3-4, we are looking at live Zooming as mentioned above.

    • Elementary Grades K-2 will be a combination of Zoom and asynchronous learning.

    • Current Remote students wishing to change to in-person learning will be given that opportunity after April vacation.


    • No decision has been made on the specific date yet.

    • If the timing holds for the completion of the ventilation project, we will be ready to move students back by the last week in March or the first week in April.


    • 6:30 pm tomorrow, Thursday, March 11th. 

    • Letter and Zoom link here.


    • The state is requiring another parent survey be distributed to families regarding your choice of a learning model for your student(s). 

    • Dr. Bacon will be sending this survey by the end of this week.

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